This is Platasso

“Art is more than the perception of beauty, and the intention of the creator, it is about interpretation. Without the interpretation that each person is moved to uncover about a piece of art, it becomes a stagnant work that does not necessarily fit under that umbrella. In order to be labelled as art, it must connect with someone. It must move them enough to translate its meaning and answer what it means to them. If does not do this, then it is less art, and more creative expression.”

– Rob Bowen

Hi, my name is Laura Curwood. I am the founder of Platasso.


Platasso came to me a few years back when I was sick and tired of the communicative barriers and saturation of the art market today. Both digital and geographic hubs are filled with art… but I do not know where the context has escaped to. There does not seem to be any art revolutions- in the way we personally connect and find meaning– in decades. And why is the arts industry as a collective, so divided?


Arts institutions and innovators are moving to digital and this trend is still on the rise. But when is the art(s) presented in way which invites us to bring ourselves into contact with the works? Has this move into digital changed anything, really? Do non-artsy people now buy art? Have music fans now discovered complementary works of literature or are philosophers delving into Picasso’s blue period of art pieces?
The answer is no. No, nothing revolutionary has occurred. So this is what has brought me here.


With Platasso, I aim to make a global, social impact on the community. Not in a non-for-profit way but in a conscious effort to give a universal tool to society which enables and facilitates self-expression. With this opportunity, I will give the world an online arts and philosophy database that could challenge the arts-world status quo. I hope for people to enjoy genres of literature, art, music, performance and philosophy and find all of these things can be interrelated… and awesome! The concept of Platasso is less about displaying content and more about teaching context.


Platasso is for those individuals from oppressed, repressed and developing communities where self-expression is not an option and the arts are non-existent. Many are climbing out of these societies where an individual did not matter; their parents still teach them how to act and what to get from life; and so many are curious, but meek and timid. They do not know their own strength.


Platasso is also for the developed nations for which the arts market is over-commercial yet detached. There is no digital market which centralises and unites all arts genres, bringing down biases and the white walls. Sites like Artsy and Deviant Art show transparency in a limited fashion, and are both focused on selling art than giving it meaning (other than purely aesthetic). We have no central community truly accessible to everyone and anyone.


Mostly, Platasso is the environment we need to be drawn, engaged and inspired. For people to learn they are creatives and expressives, rather than it all being so selective.

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