Answering the Big Question.

The Problem.

There does not seem to be any art revolutions- in the way we personally connect and find meaning– in decades, if not ever. Why is the arts industry, as a collective, so divided?

Arts institutions and innovators are moving to digital and this trend is still on the rise. A positive step if used correctly. These existing and establishing platforms, however, do not deliver the full potential of the arts. The system seems to be purely commercial and broken.

Has this move into digital changed anything, really? Do non-artsy people now buy art? Have music fans now discovered complementary works of literature or are philosophers delving into Picasso’s blue period of art pieces?

I do not see any arts revolutions in sight, do you?

The Solution.

Platasso is a social, digital platform and online museum; a globally inclusive network where philosophical musings and art appreciation converge. The platform will nurture creative expression in individuals by being a communications tool. At the same time, it will also connect artists, collaborators and the wider community to come together.

People learn how to connect to a range of arts, through themselves, while artists and institutions can learn about their audience. Context is our focus. Platasso covers all genres of the arts, creating one centralised hub where the Platasso community can enjoy their preferred subjects, but discover others and how they can interconnect.

This project is all about engagement, transparency and unification. The art exhibition and associated arts content will be delivered through philosophical context and E.I.

For a list of functionalities, please click the following link:

The situation.

We will be launching the Big Apple campaign on July the 1st. It will run for the entire month. And the goal is to accept my placement at Parsons School of Design in New York, and develop a minimum viable product that will be Platasso.

There are opportunities that await Platasso in both New York and in the USA; opportunities that many Australian start-ups fly over for (namely investment, IT resources and human capital). On top of that, we will be building Platasso in the arts capital of the world, with industry partners and potential clients everywhere you turn.

For the Armory Show and Independent art fairs in March, and Frieze New York in May, the city welcomes swarms of international galleries and collectors to its grid. There is also the wealth of artists, studios and artist-run spaces.

New York offers easy access to New York’s rich cultural and historical resources as well as many of the world’s leading galleries and museums. It has degree-granting authority from the Regents of the state of New York and has been an accredited member of the National Association of Art and Design since 1989.

In 2015, Artsy reported NYC alone had over one thousand art galleries, over seventy-five museums and institutions, and over thirty art fairs. And its marketplace is bigger than others by a large measure. Two-thirds of auction sales over $1 million take place in the city, and all 10 of the most expensive works purchased at auction in 2015 were sold from the New York sale rooms of Christie’s and Sotheby’s (all but two from the former).

Your Involvement.

What you are investing in will culturally reform the arts (music, literature, performance, visual art) and philosophy industries. You will be a part of building a holistically creative hub that centralises them all. It will provide the global community context to equally match the content.

It will teach the widest possible audience to engage and relate to all arts, by connecting with their own emotions and thoughts. The environment created will enable the individual to be creative. It helps the other side too, by allowing institutions and artists to properly understand their audience and gain sound market research.

Lastly, your support will help reveal art’s latent therapeutic potential and thus make it a lifestyle preferance within the worldwide economy. The arts world will be effectively connected to the real one.

Your Support.

If you like Platasso, please subscribe to news by can signing up here.

In support of the Platasso project and this July’s fundraising campaign, we invite you to share a piece of art, literature or philosophy you connect with, and tell us why. 

Connect with us on social media. Share the campaign and #platassobigapple.

If you are wishing to donate now, offer corporate sponsorship or wishing to contribute somehow, please follow this link.

Your voice is our voice. We need you to make the Platasso dream a reality.

Join us.

“The very idea of an exhibition is that we live in a world with each other, in which it is possible to make arrangements, associations, connections and wordless gestures, and, through this mise en scène, to speak.”
– Hans Ulrich Obrist,  Ways of Curating

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