No, It is NOT an Arts-version of LinkedIn

Many people have contacted me regarding Platasso. The majority really get it and are fully behind what we are trying to accomplish. Others ask me the same question: “what is Platasso? Is it like a LinkedIn for the arts?”

Simply put, it is a lot more multi-dimensional and holistic in purpose than a platform such as LinkedIn, Artsy, DeviantArt or Facebook.

joel rea precision of luck

Platasso is an arts-philosophy social network and online museum designed for everyone and anyone. It’s aim is to connect the wider community to all genres of art: music, performance, literature and art– through philosophy.

It is an educational and cultural communications tool where we develop self awareness and have open discussions about it.


Platasso is a process: it will exhibit art content; then we open up with events, online tools and content, and an open forum to invite people to learn more about themselves through all arts. The end outcome will be that the individual then expresses what they discover, through creativity.

This project is all about engagement, transparency and unification. The art exhibition and associated arts content will be delivered through philosophical context and E.I.

Our purpose is what sets us apart from other art platforms like Useum, Artsy and DeviantArt as well as social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

If you believe in the Platasso project and think it is a worthy cause, please Donate Now to help us build the platform with Parsons School of Design this August.

Click here.

Yang Yongliang Sleepless Wonderland 1

One thought on “No, It is NOT an Arts-version of LinkedIn

  1. Dear Laura
    God no,I am sure it is not a kind of FB LI whatever “network””…Art is a concept illustrated by actions,philosophical ideas,artefacts,and expression by different means of your deeper inside…I left FB,kind of cyber National Enquirer,and stay member of LI , a “little” bit more interesting,I must say.I cant unfortunately make a donation for the time being, but I find your initiative absolutely wonderful.If I can help,it would be a pleasure..Given that my time is limited today,and that I could be writing a lot about topics of interests for you,I think that the best way is for you to read my profile.You certainly will be interested.
    All the best!

    LI member D D/. (Located in Europe.Never travel by plane ,or any other engines,excepted cars for very short distance,and I don’t drive myself……😏)Already posted 223 articles on LI.I like to write,and on many topica,from Art to Science,via Esoterism and so on.. if this kind of statistics can interest you,personally I am not,~3,9K to date.


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