About The Campaign

Founder Laura Curwood has been accepted to study her Masters of Strategic Design & Management at Parsons School of Design, starting this Fall semester (August 27). The degree is designed for “entrepreneurs looking to develop transformative business propositions for an evolving global economy”.

M.Kelley_Deoderized-Central-Mass_Photo-Joshua-White-5872Studying in the US will provide Platasso with the human, financial and technological resources to penetrate the competitive start-up market in Australia. Most notably, we will be optimising our growth by establishing ourselves in the arts capital and with the second best arts school. This high standard, for both New York and Parsons, is globally measured. Therefore, Platasso will start off by penetrating the arts market internationally.

Regarding the US arts market, ArtTactic’s annual Global Art Market Outlook 2017 report findings suggest it is one of the markets with the strongest positive outlook this year. In 2015, Artsy reported NYC alone had over one thousand art galleries, over seventy-five museums and institutions, and over thirty art fairs. And its marketplace is bigger than others by a large measure.

Two-thirds of auction sales over $1 million take place in the New York. The city has degree-granting authority from the Regents of the state of New York and has been an accredited member of the National Association of Art and Design since 1989.

After two years of study at Parsons in New York, Platasso will bring home an innovative, digital product which is founded on Melbourne’s arts and culture community: a community yet to make a true impact globally. Platasso wants to represent Melbourne’s creative values: honesty, empathy and openness.

large_main_image_whitney_resizedThe US already has a thriving tech sector and the advantage of a huge market in which to test new products. A number of heavy hitters in Australia’s tech scene have previously lamented the underwhelming government support for the technology sector. Honing into US’ competitive advantages for initial startup establishment is a key ingredient for rapid growth.

Platasso will add value to Australia by celebrating its culture and supporting its innovative tech sector. After launching in Australia, we plan to expand to the rest of the world with our partner institutions.

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