About Us

Platasso is a platform that nurtures creative expression while connecting artists, collaborators and the wider community to conversations that matter.

Join a globally inclusive network where philosophical musings and art appreciation converge.

We encourage thought provocateurs, open-minded voyeurs—everyone—to obliterate all preconceived notions of pretension and elitism so that you can sing. Does a work of art speak to you? Share your thoughts, your emotions, your dreams.

This is Platasso.


Experience art based on how you think and feel. Understand how it can be interpreted into works of literature, performances, pieces of music and philosophical theories.


Expand your knowledge through collaborating with the Platasso community, watching talks, reading fun facts and attending events.


Search for art and philosophy topics you like, read up on collaborators and get recommendations to pique your interests.


Create your very own profile page and express your creative journey with us. Get some balance back into your life.

Collaborate from all around the world

Platasso takes institutions, artists, and thinkers from all over the globe and transforms them into a force for making art more accessible, transparent and relevant.

Praise for Platasso

Platasso is an online community that coaxes my inner creative to flourish in a space that celebrates art and self-expression. There is no substitute for this intellectual bliss.

LUKE APPLEBEE, 17888542_10154831620682599_267572065_n
Professional writer and content specialist

In our present time, the immediacy in the flow of information makes the novelty fail to surprise us. This is not the case with Platasso, the platform created by Laura Curwood. The way she has designed to create a global art flow, made me recover my capacity of awe.

Da Vinci lover, art directoreric

Help Us Create Platasso

Every bit of help counts. We invite you to be a part of a social concept that opens up our global community. Your input can have an everlasting impact on our culture and communications.

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