About the Founder

IMG_1689Laura, 30, is the Founder of Platasso and a MS Candidate at Parsons School of Design. Platasso is a Crowdsourced Museum and Social Network of Arts and Philosophy, and started off from Laura’s MArts studies at RMIT.

Laura’s background is a Diploma in Business Administration (Victoria University) and a BIntBus in International Business from La Trobe University, which she earned the top of her graduating class with numerous Dean’s Commendations and was invited to become a member of the International Golden Key Honour Society. Her La Trobe studies allowed her to partake in a cultural exchange with Peking University in Beijing and a nation-wide trip around Japan for Mitsui’s Educational Foundation.

After her studies Laura pursued a finance career within Australia and Malaysia. She has had other roles in a variety of countries, such as project management in Romania, psychology and English teaching in Russia, and investment consultancy in Singapore. Laura has been invited to discuss her life experience, leadership qualities and work at various conferences.

To read Laura’s personal story, please click here.

To connect with her on LinkedIn, see her profile.

Laura invites you to email her at laura@platasso.com

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